Historical Resources

What is an American? by Michel-Gillaume de Crevecoeur, 1792

Eugenics in America

Eugenics Primary Source Documents

The Inconvenient Truth About the Democrat Party

Dr. Kermit Gosnell Grand Jury Report

James Damore’s Memo to Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s New Green Deal FAQ Sheet

The National Archives

Must Watch Videos

Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer

Sweden: Lessons for America

Bernie Sanders’ Model for America: Denmark

Shapiro: Norway is Not Socialist

Milton Friedman’s Awesome Response to the Criticism of Capitalism

Intro and Outro Music by Chris Siegle

God Bless America Again

Alternatives to the Big Tech Social Media Giants

Tea Party Community instead of Facebook

Pro America Only instead of Facebook

Faithbook for Christians instead of Facebook F

Social Cross for Christians instead of Facebook

Minds (Claims it’s a cross between Facebook and Twitter)

Gab instead of Twitter

Parler (pronounced Par-lay) instead of Twitter

1776tv instead of Youtube

Bit Chute instead of Youtube

DTube (looks like the best alternative to Youtube)

DuckDuckGo instead of Google

QRMnews if you want to be a citizen journalist

Before it’s News if you want to be a citizen journalist

Literature to Read

Animal Farm

Harrison Bergeron

Alternatives to American Public Schools

The Barney Charter School Initiative

The National Archives (Education Center)

Ron Paul Curriculum: The Story of Liberty, K-12

Enlightium: Conservative Homeschool Curriculum

Freedom Project Academy

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