The Left’s Stranglehold on Education is Ruining Public Schools, Part II

I am excited to continue our discussion of the problem with American public schools with you. If you’ll recall, a few days ago we took a look at the controversial discipline program (or should I say lack of discipline) pushed by the Obama administration. It is called the PROMISE program and includes something called restorative justice. We showed how it has increased disfunction, chaos and even assaults in the classroom. If you didn’t get a chance to listen to it, please do. I think you’ll find it eye-opening.

The difference between teaching and indoctrinating

Anyway, today, we are going to look at another aspect of the left’s stranglehold on education, specifically the indoctrination of students. According to Wordnik, indoctrinate is defined as “to imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view.” To most of us, an informal synonym might be “ to brainwash.” Most people understand that there is a big difference between teaching and indoctrinating. As a teacher, my job is to show students many sides of an issue, explore them, and then let students decide their own view as long as they can support their views with facts and logic. Indoctrination involves only one side to an issue and it is dogmatically taught to students as the only way to view said issue.

Indoctrination in social studies classes

Let’s look at a few examples of indoctrination in our public schools.  If you listened to my podcast on socialism, you heard me discuss the following about the US history textbook I was assigned to use with my students.  I noted that no mention was ever made of the party that freed the slaves. That would be the Republican party. No mention was ever made of the first African Americans to serve in the US Congress.  You see, they were all Republicans. No mention was made that the party that created the Ku Klux Klan was the Democrat party. No mention was ever made of the Jim Crow laws being the invention of Democrats.  No mention was ever made of the eugenics movement in America by progressives. So, it’s obvious a leftist slant is inevitable in most history textbooks today. When students hear from the “drive by” news that Republicans are racists and Nazis, they assume it’s true.  You see, they have no prior facts of history to dispute such a notion.

Let’s consider the case of a new Advanced Placement American History textbook entitled By the People: A History of the United States. The publisher is Pearson Education. I’m not sure we would actually know what’s in this textbook if it hadn’t been for Tarra Snyder, a student at Rosemount High School in Minnesota. You see she took a look at the sample copy her history teacher received from Pearson Publishing and was astonished. And, being a young person in the 21st century, she pulled out her phone and took a picture of several pages which she shared on social media.

Here’s an example of the propaganda in the textbook under a section entitled “The Angry Election of 2016.” This particular section of the textbook was written by New York University Professor James W. Fraser. It begins like this, “Clinton’s supporters feared that the election had been determined by people who were afraid of the rapidly developing ethnic diversity of the country. They also worried about the mental instability of the president-elect and the anger that he and his supporters brought to the nation.”

I just have to stop there and say, Are you FREAKING kidding me? It’s the left, with its inability to process the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the Presidency, that protests and incites violence against Trump supporters or any MAGA hat wearing individual. The anger isn’t coming from people on the right. Let’s listen to Tarra, who is being interviewed by the Fox and Friends team, explain what happened regarding the liberal textbook.

Well, this young lady, Tarra Snyder, is certainly articulate and intelligent. What’s in this textbook confirms what I’ve seen in other textbooks, a definite left slant to history. And, it makes sense since nearly all college professors are progressives and they’re the ones writing the textbooks.

islamic indoctrination

So that particular textbook was designed for advanced placement students who are generally very bright and inquisitive. What about the main population of students in American public schools? What kind of indoctrination is taking place there with students that are less informed and more gullible? Well, one area of inculcation can be found in the study of different cultures and religions, mainly the study of Islam. Once again, this is an area I have first hand knowledge of. Islamic indoctrination is being taught in a course called World Cultures.

We used to teach world history, but now the progressives have had their way and world cultures is the vehicle under which students are taught that “all cultures are equal.” What? You mean the American culture is the same as a culture which chops off hands of those who steal? Is it the same as a culture that throws homosexuals off buildings to their deaths? Is it the same as a culture whose women must cover themselves from head-to-toe or risk beatings? Is it the same as a culture that beheads infidels? These seem like vastly different cultures to me, and they are definitely not equal.

In addition, the activities students are required to do regarding the study of Islam are pure indoctrination. Think about this. In 2018, a West Virginia 7th grader brought home a packet of assignments including writing the following in calligraphy style: “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” This statement is actually the Islamic conversion creed. Creepy anyone? Here’s another activity included in the packet. Students were asked to “fast for 24 hours and give lunch money to a food bank to sympathize with Muslims going through Ramadan.” In addition, students had to read chapters from the Quran and learn the Five Pillars of Islam.

This is only one example of many throughout the country of a concerted effort to promote Islam as a peaceful religion that all should accept. Listen now as Martin Moyer, founder of the Christian Action Network, explains more fully how the Department of Education is promoting Islam.

This is scary stuff folks. If you have children or grandchildren in school, you need to check out their textbooks and fight this indoctrination.

indoctrination in science classes

So, we know social studies textbooks are slanted to the left and include clear evidence of propaganda, but what about science curricula? Anybody remember Al Gore’s movie An Inconvenient Truth? It premiered at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and became a commercial success. In fact, it was so successful that it won two Academy Awards for best documentary feature and best original song. And, it made the former Vice President a millionaire. It also became must-watch viewing in science classes throughout the world.

Then, someone in the UK actually questioned the validity of some “facts” in the movie. Mr. Justice Burton, a High Court judge in Britain ruled that there were at least nine errors in the film and it could be shown in schools as long as it was accompanied by material giving the other side of the argument. Good for the UK! You see in the UK it’s against the law to discuss issues that are one-sided in schools. You must present all sides of an issue in accordance with sections 406 and 407 of the 1996 Education Act. Don’t you wish we had a similar law in the US?

US science textbooks only provide one side of the climate change debate, unfortunately. Last year I subbed in a 4th grade teacher’s classroom. For the science portion of the day, I was to read the section on global warming with students and have them complete a worksheet based on the section read. The teacher warned me about a new student she had whom she described as surly and argumentative. She said he would try to argue with me about the reality of global warming, and she further told me to “just shut him down.”

Does this sound like teaching to you? What would be wrong with listening to the student’s viewpoint? Why not have students do some research on both sides and then have an informed discussion and debate? My personal belief is that left wing teachers really do consider anyone who doesn’t believe in man made global warming to be climate deniers. And, since environmentalism is a type of religion to many of these lefties, to hear the other side of the argument is akin to heresy and must be halted.

indoctrination in sex ed classes

Think indoctrination is only taking place in social studies and science classrooms? Very Unlikely. How about sex ed classes? Did you know that Planned Parenthood teaches sex education to approximately 220,000 students in 31 states? Here are some of the highlights of their education program. One of their videos is entitled “How Do You Know if Someone wants to Have Sex with You?” The video shows couples, both gay and straight, kissing passionately, some nude and in bed. Life News reports that “In one clip, a man is shown fondling a woman’s breast as the narrator talks about consent.” This is being shown in a classroom? Are you okay with this?

For middle school students, Planned Parenthood has a sex ed curriculum that teaches them how to perform oral and anal sex. This is beyond stunning!

Did you know that in 2014 an undercover video by a group called Live Action was released showing Planned Parenthood employees encouraging teens to participate in “sadomasochistic sexual activities like gagging, whipping, asphyxiation, shopping at sex stores and viewing pornography.”

Planned Parenthood also has a booklet for teens called “Healthy, Happy and Hot.” The booklet tells students it’s their right NOT to tell their partners that they have HIV. Since when is this okay? And, on its Tumbler page Planned Parenthood tells teens, “There’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners.” Promiscuity anyone? STDs anyone? Pregnancy anyone?

Thank goodness President Trump’s administration cut taxpayer funding to one of Planned Parenthood’s sex education programs and shifted the funds to abstinence programs. Naturally, Planned Parenthood sued to block the cuts. In fact, in Spokane, near where I live, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction preventing the Trump administration from “cutting grants to Planned Parenthood that pay for a teen pregnancy prevention program in Western states.” I’m not sure this judge even knows what’s being taught to students under the guise of “sex education.” Here’s a sampling from an undercover video.

It’s easy to see why the Trump administration took a hard stance against Planned Parenthood’s sexual indoctrination of children by trying to cut their federal funding.

what can we do?

So, what can we do about our failing public schools? First of all, I’m sorry to say, but I believe we’ve lost the public schools. If you need more proof than what I’ve already provided, listen to Alex Newman, international journalist, educator, consultant and author of the book “Crimes of our Educators.”

Wow! If that doesn’t frighten you, I don’t know what will. I can verify that even back when I went to college from 1975-1979 I was inundated with the teachings of BF Skinner, Carl Jung, and Ivan Pavlov. Our schools will only change with competition and constant prayer. You may have heard my last podcast about socialism. In it I explain what Sweden has done to improve their public schools. Basically, they privatized their schools, giving vouchers to parents so they could send their children to the schools they thought were best. This created competition between schools and all of them improved.

Short of creating a voucher system and doing what Sweden did, parents need to be vigilant in discovering what their children are being “taught” in school. History teachers should be using primary source documents to teach their students and not relying on textbooks with an obvious leftist point of view. Many of these documents can be found at the National Archives. I’ve created a link to this on the resource page of for your convenience.

Another option is finding some like minded teachers who would be willing to form a Barney Charter School. This is a school associated with Hillsdale College. Here’s how Hilldale describes these schools. “These schools will train the minds and improve the hearts of young people through a rigorous, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in the principles of moral character and civic virtue.” That sounds fantastic to me! Once again, I’ve provided a link for more information on the Barney Charter School Initiative in the resources section of

Beyond that you might consider online schools for your children. Ron Paul has an online K-12 program that seems promising as does Enlightium which is a Christian Academy of online course work. And Freedom Project Academy looks promising. One thing I noted on their site is that it is “Common Core Free.” Excellent!

Whatever you decide, it’s time to take action and be the light daily. Let’s begin our action steps with prayer.

A prayer for our children, schools, & teachers

Almighty God, the Great I Am, Immovable Rock, Omnipotent, Powerful, Awesome Lord, we come to you today humbly asking you for help in educating our children. Lord, we know it is so easy to influence young minds that are malleable, and we know right now that the influence in many of our schools has become indoctrination of beliefs rather than teaching students how to think.  

We ask you, Lord, to protect our children from dangerous influences in our schools, and to help raise up conservative teachers who are courageous and who are moved by you to create charter schools with classical education at its core. We put our faith and trust in your mighty power, Lord. And, we recall your words in Matthew 18 when you said, “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.”  

Help us, O Lord, as we seek to protect our children from wrong teaching, indoctrination, and chaos in our classrooms. We know you’re in charge and we rest in that comfort. We also know the only True way for students to change is from the inside out. We know they need your free gift of salvation through your son Jesus Christ. We pray that you do a mighty work in our nation’s’ schools. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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